Who Me? Being Unique in a World of Conformity.

Have you been told you're special?  Have you been told you're not?  That is the irony of the world we live in. Many of us grow up thinking that we are somehow special. This can be affirmed through many kind words. But many of us can also grow up feeling we are not special. In [...]


Could You Be A Burned Out Wreck?

What does this title do to you?  Do you brush it off?  Do you embrace it?  Does it summarize how you feel about what's going on in your life right now, or do you think about someone you care about going through a trial? Whatever your response is, you and I both know someone who [...]

Can They Steal Who You Are?

Identity theft. Ever heard of it?  We talk about it all the time. I remember back in the day, my car was broken into.  The perpetrator stole a few things.  Apparently, my wallet had dropped out of my pocket and was visible. This person not only took my wallet, but my disc-man too!  I know [...]

What Up? 😎

Have you ever had anything embarrassing happen to you? I shouldn't have to wait long for you to say yes. Ahh embarrassing moments.  I usually hate them in the moment, but they sure can build character in you. That doesn't mean I like going through them, for the most part, but they do have a [...]

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