Have you ever felt like you were not good enough for others? Have you ever felt that you need to act a certain way so that you would be considered worthy of friendship?

Or perhaps, have you ever felt that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you don’t look the way you want to?

I can tell you this much, you are not alone if you ever felt any of those feelings. Not only have I felt the same way, but I know, pretty much everyone does. That’s the odd part.

Broken Logic

Think about it.  If everyone feels like they’re not good enough, if everyone feels like they’re not worthy, if everyone thinks they don’t look right, then we all feel and look the same. We all feel less than important. This creates a world full of people that are equal.

Brad’s Book of Embarrassment

Let me share with you a quick example out of my book of vulnerable experiences.

I remember when I spent some time with a friend. I said something to him that caught his attention. After we had had a great conversation, I ended the time by saying to him something rather awkward.

I told him that I hoped I wasn’t pushing my relationship on him in an uncomfortable way. I went on to say, that often, I feel like I want to be someone’s friend more than they may want to be friends with me. So I concluded by saying, that I apologized in case I wanted to be friends too much.  Funny, or perhaps sad, either way, this is how I often feel.

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way.

I know I’m putting myself out there, but the only way we can have victory together is if we are honest.

You see, the lens I use too often to look at myself, is messed up. It needs a good cleaning. I need God to clean my eyes so I can see who I really am. I have experienced this, and in fact, now I live in victory more than in the struggle. But the struggle is so very real.

Your assignment today

So for today, if you have ever felt like I did, I want to try these next few steps.

Step one.  Find a spot alone.

Step two. Ask God to clean your heart

Step three. Listen to see if He tells you anything.

Step four. Tell Him you want to think differently about yourself.

Step five. Let Him show you how He sees you.

That’s it. If you do those five steps, and repeat them as necessary as often, He will start to clean your lens so that you might see yourself as under Jesus. This is a way, that you can have victory, even today.