Age Old Question

It is so easy to ask the age old question… “Who Am I?”  It seems like throughout history, no generation has not asked it.  It’s as if God hard wired the question into our very beings.

This is great.  Don’t get me wrong, it starts as a hard question, but it’s great that God loves us so much that He put it in us.  But what do you think could happen if we changed it a bit?  What if, instead of us asking ourselves who we are, we moved that question into relationship.  What if we found God asking “Who are you?”

This could change things a bit, don’t you think?  So let’s go through a little exercise.

The Exercise

Imagine a place you love to be.  You know, a place that gives you peace.  Now, I want you to imagine that Jesus is there.  Take a second, look around and find Him.  It’s ok to use your imagination here.  We are doing an exercise, so we are just practicing our faith.

So you find Jesus in the location.  Now, let’s pretend that He looks at you and asks you, “Who are you?”

How do you think you will respond?  Will you use the same words to describe yourself to Jesus that you would use to describe yourself to someone else?  You may start there, but quickly you may find yourself thinking that the words you use to describe yourself to others, don’t seem as relevant to the Messiah.  You may find yourself describing yourself uniquely to Him.

I hope that it happened to you.  You see, we too easily use simple words to describe ourselves to others that we wouldn’t even use with the Lord.  We find the words not really meaning as much in the ears of the Savior.

The Challenge

So here is my challenge for you this week.  Try to figure out a few things you would say to Jesus as you answer the question to Him, who are you?  Then, try to use those words to describe yourself to someone you can trust, someone you can practice your faith with.

It’s gonna be awesome.  You will start to have faith in who God created you to be, more then who others want you to be.  That’s gold.