You Look Like Him

Something I’m realizing more and more as I grow older, is that there is something about my heritage, my bloodline that I can’t escape.  I watch my kids grow older and they just become more and more like themselves, but they have key reflections from me or my wife.  No matter how much they simply become themselves, they look more like us as they go.

What a paradox.  The more you become you, the more you resemble your bloodline.

Here is a key to this.  As believers in Jesus, we are told that we are adopted into God’s family, into His heritage.  We are blessed to not only be adopted by Him, but at the time when we are, we become His fully functioning children.  In fact, we are so much His, that we get adopted into His bloodline.  It’s like we get a blood transfusion.

So… if you believe in Jesus, and you have asked Him to be your Lord, He has not only saved you from anything that come against you, even death, but His blood is flowing through your veins.

Take a moment.  Pause.  Feel it.  Imagine it.  Embrace it.

He wants you to feel His presence in your very body.  It might take a moment or two, but He wants you to know how close He is.

He wants you to feel it not only so you know He is close, but so that you know you are in Him, you have the bloodline of the creator of the universe flowing through you.

When you know where you come from, you will know who you can be.


Practical Step

So to land this truth in your heart, I suggest the following little exercise.

Step One.  Find your resting spot.  Find a place that you can have peace for the next few minutes.  No interruptions.

Step Two.  Relax your thinking.  Don’t empty your mind, but rather, find peace in your mind.  If you need help, just say “Jesus give me peace in my mind.”  He loves to do this.

Step Three.  Use your imagination.  That’s right.  Remember, the Bible says that God will give you more than you can ask or imagine.  God wants you to imagine.  He loves it.  So use your imagination to imagine His blood flowing through your veins.

Step Four.  Think about how that feels.


That’s it.  It’s a great little practice for you.  Anytime you forget who you are, feel encouraged to redo this little exercise.