So I wrote a book.  Yeah you probably know that if you are here.  I’m so grateful for all of you who have helped me so much.  I thought I would share with you where it’s at.

So we are launching the book June 1 for a soft launch and June 15 for a hard launch.  I’m still learning these terms.  But this is what I know, even though I wrote a book on having victory in your identity, going through this process has challenged me in my identity again. Yikes.

As I build my launch team, as I invite people, as I start telling people about my book, I’m battling a lot of insecurity.  Go figure. Who am I to write a book and then promise things to people?  That’s a big identity job.

Here is my reality.  That’s an awesome trial for me. I’m glad to some point.

I picture a hockey game. Go figure Mr. Canadian.  I won’t use team names that are real to protect you from getting mad at me HAH.

Let’s say the Heaven’s saints are ahead 15-1.  The victory is clear.  There are only a few min left.  There is no chance for Hell’s team to come back.  Victory is sure, but the game is not over.  This is what I’m going through. I’m still playing hard.  It’s a fight.  I can still sit in the penalty box.  But the victory is secure.

I can’t wait to share the book with you.  I really do feel that it will give so many the little help to find a greater and deeper victory in their identity in Christ.