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So I wrote a book.  Yeah you probably know that if you are here.  I'm so grateful for all of you who have helped me so much.  I thought I would share with you where it's at.So we are launching the book June 1 for a soft launch and June 15 for a hard launch. [...]

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Who Am I Anyways?

I bet you have asked a question similar to this.  We all do.  People ask us to tell them about ourselves and it demands that we have some answers.  We don’t always like our answers, but we try to find them. What would it look like if we had answers that God gave us, [...]

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A New Apologetic

Here is a post that I recently wrote for my blog on theological issues.  It has to do with Identity, so I wanted to share it with the school of identity and you too. :) Brad. What is apologetics?  Why do we persist on it in the Western Church?  What is it about our [...]

When people assault your identity.

Has anyone ever said something to you about who you feel you are that hurt desperately bad?  Have you ever felt like someone thought only bad things about you? I have.  I didn't like it. What's worse is when someone seems to use the Bible to prove you are not a good person.  Wait, [...]

So What’s Your Plan?

Wow.  2018 is gone. Another new year.  Another new set of goals. Another hope that we can keep up with those new resolutions for another year.  Perhaps it’s just another “another”.    It’s hard to be motivated by that isn’t it?  I know it is for me.  There are so many voices around me [...]

Tolerate Others as You Tolerate Yourself.

Pop Quiz. Did Jesus tell us to tolerate others as we tolerate ourselves? He must have. In fact, for years, this is what we have been practicing as Christians. Woah. Wait. Here’s our reality. This is what we have been doing, if we are truly honest with ourselves. We have been tolerating ourselves. We [...]

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Surviving Victory

Have you had victory in anything in life?  What about having consistent victory?  Like if you are on a team of some sort.  You can win a game, have a great celebration, and then have to play again.  You know what I mean?  Victory sets you up for another battle. That's the way victory in [...]

Your Bloodline

You Look Like Him Something I'm realizing more and more as I grow older, is that there is something about my heritage, my bloodline that I can't escape.  I watch my kids grow older and they just become more and more like themselves, but they have key reflections from me or my wife.  No matter [...]

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