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Who Are You?

Age Old Question It is so easy to ask the age old question... "Who Am I?"  It seems like throughout history, no generation has not asked it.  It's as if God hard wired the question into our very beings. This is great.  Don't get me wrong, it starts as a hard question, but it's great [...]

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As You Are Going

A few weeks back, I had the awesome opportunity to share with our congregation about what a life that is well lived looks like.  I was able to share with thousands about my journey and how I found identity in Christ. As I reflect on the weekend, I thought of you, my schoolers.  You have [...]

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Are You Thankful For You?

It's Canadian Thanksgiving. Yay.  Turkey and all trimmings.  I ate good.  I'm full.  But that's how we seem to handle this holiday in Canada for the most part.  It is very traditional for the typical Canadian family to spend time together, eating big meals. I would have to say that ever since I grew up, [...]

You Are What You Do???

Today is labour day. Or another way to say it is that this is the holiday that we signify the work that has gone into building our country. It has taken hard work. We are not entitled to an amazing country, but we must work for it. Over time, work like this can take over [...]

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Your Life Reflects…

Have you ever felt like life is getting out of control?  You know what I mean.  You committed to something, but now, you just can't make it happen.  You don't want to tell anyone, but you know that you can't fulfill what you promised.Or perhaps, you put on this mask that everything is going great. [...]

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Stealing Glory With Good Opportunities

Have you ever had a great opportunity you just didn't want to miss?  Have you ever done something you weren't planning on doing, only because it really needed to be done? What about this... Have you ever taken responsibility for something that you knew you were not really made to do, but you thought, hmmm, [...]

Clean Your Lens

Have you ever felt like you were not good enough for others? Have you ever felt that you need to act a certain way so that you would be considered worthy of friendship? Or perhaps, have you ever felt that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you don't look the way you want [...]

Do You Like My Beach Body?

I love to say I'm in shape... cause round is a shape :)  Get it? I'm round... Okay, what kind of Dad joke is that? I'm just kiddin with you.  So let me explain what this beach body thing is all about. I just returned from a dream trip.  My wife and I got to [...]

Identity and Insecurity

Ever felt insecure?  Ever felt like you are just faking it until someone finds out? How about this one?  Have you ever felt like God wants you to do something, but everyone else will question your sanity in doing it?  Yup.  I know.  That one is hard, but I know how it feels.  In fact, [...]

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