When people assault your identity.

Has anyone ever said something to you about who you feel you are that hurt desperately bad?  Have you ever felt like someone thought only bad things about you? I have.  I didn't like it. What's worse is when someone seems to use the Bible to prove you are not a good person.  Wait, [...]

So What’s Your Plan?

Wow.  2018 is gone. Another new year.  Another new set of goals. Another hope that we can keep up with those new resolutions for another year.  Perhaps it’s just another “another”.    It’s hard to be motivated by that isn’t it?  I know it is for me.  There are so many voices around me [...]

Tolerate Others as You Tolerate Yourself.

Pop Quiz. Did Jesus tell us to tolerate others as we tolerate ourselves? He must have. In fact, for years, this is what we have been practicing as Christians. Woah. Wait. Here’s our reality. This is what we have been doing, if we are truly honest with ourselves. We have been tolerating ourselves. We [...]

Are You Thankful For You?

It's Canadian Thanksgiving. Yay.  Turkey and all trimmings.  I ate good.  I'm full.  But that's how we seem to handle this holiday in Canada for the most part.  It is very traditional for the typical Canadian family to spend time together, eating big meals. I would have to say that ever since I grew up, [...]

The 5 Minute Identity Workout

I used to feel weak in who I was.  Have you ever felt like that?  You know what I mean, like when someone asks you to describe yourself and you get all flustered. Let's say for example, you meet some new people.  They ask you to tell them about yourself.  The first bit goes OK, [...]

What Up? 😎

Have you ever had anything embarrassing happen to you? I shouldn't have to wait long for you to say yes. Ahh embarrassing moments.  I usually hate them in the moment, but they sure can build character in you. That doesn't mean I like going through them, for the most part, but they do have a [...]

Are You Worth Loving?

What a massive question. It’s not an easy one either. Not because I don’t believe you should love yourself, but because we may not know what “love” really means in this question. That is the sticky point. That is the point where so much can go wrong. So let’s get this out of the way. [...]

Why Should God Love You?

How dare I ask that question. It seems completely inappropriate to ask such a question of God. God doesn’t have to do anything that He doesn’t want to. Or does He? Wow. I tend to ask questions that could seem inappropriate to ask for a Christian. I was always taught not to ask such questions. [...]

Who Will You Follow?

Hey!  Social Media...  Does it tell the truth?  Sometimes perhaps. You know what I mean.  You have done it, haven't you? It's not that you want to flat out lie, but sometimes the things you put out there, into the world, only reflect a little bit of your journey.  Not because one snap can't contain [...]

You’re Not My Paparazzi!

"HEY, PUT DOWN THAT CAMERA!!!” The last thing you want is for some camera happy person to try to capture you in a bad moment, only to try to make you look like a loser. OK, I’m not a celebrity. Not by any means. I’m just a pastor and a professor. I am a public [...]

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