A New Apologetic

Here is a post that I recently wrote for my blog on theological issues.  It has to do with Identity, so I wanted to share it with the school of identity and you too. :) Brad. What is apologetics?  Why do we persist on it in the Western Church?  What is it about our [...]

When people assault your identity.

Has anyone ever said something to you about who you feel you are that hurt desperately bad?  Have you ever felt like someone thought only bad things about you? I have.  I didn't like it. What's worse is when someone seems to use the Bible to prove you are not a good person.  Wait, [...]

So What’s Your Plan?

Wow.  2018 is gone. Another new year.  Another new set of goals. Another hope that we can keep up with those new resolutions for another year.  Perhaps it’s just another “another”.    It’s hard to be motivated by that isn’t it?  I know it is for me.  There are so many voices around me [...]

Surviving Victory

Have you had victory in anything in life?  What about having consistent victory?  Like if you are on a team of some sort.  You can win a game, have a great celebration, and then have to play again.  You know what I mean?  Victory sets you up for another battle. That's the way victory in [...]

It’s all about Image

Image is everything.  That's what they say.  Do I say that too?  Would I ever tell you that this is ta true statement? If you are getting to know me, then you know that I don't like to say what they always say.  In fact, I push back on a lot the world says.  Even [...]

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As You Are Going

A few weeks back, I had the awesome opportunity to share with our congregation about what a life that is well lived looks like.  I was able to share with thousands about my journey and how I found identity in Christ. As I reflect on the weekend, I thought of you, my schoolers.  You have [...]

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You Are What You Do???

Today is labour day. Or another way to say it is that this is the holiday that we signify the work that has gone into building our country. It has taken hard work. We are not entitled to an amazing country, but we must work for it. Over time, work like this can take over [...]

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Clean Your Lens

Have you ever felt like you were not good enough for others? Have you ever felt that you need to act a certain way so that you would be considered worthy of friendship? Or perhaps, have you ever felt that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you don't look the way you want [...]

Do You Like My Beach Body?

I love to say I'm in shape... cause round is a shape :)  Get it? I'm round... Okay, what kind of Dad joke is that? I'm just kiddin with you.  So let me explain what this beach body thing is all about. I just returned from a dream trip.  My wife and I got to [...]

What Am I Going To Do With My Life?

Are you graduating? Is Spring coming and you don't know what's next? What about if you already have your plan, but things just feel off for you.  You have the job, but you don't feel like you fit.  Don't get me wrong, you work with some great people, but is this really what God wants [...]

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