Words have power. If you don’t think so, consider what happens if a politician says something controversial. Even if it’s not true, the power of perception over those words can change society. A few words said can change the direction of your life. There is no telling just how far the impact a word used either correctly or not can go. This is the power of words.

Words create. Words also destroy. What words do you use?

Lesson 1. Words Can Create.

“In the beginning God said…” Not only did God create the world by the power of His words, but the life you are living is also the fruit what His thoughts expressed. You are the desire of  God’s heart, that He chose to bring forth as an expression His perfect love.

Lesson 2. Words Can Destroy.

Consider, how many times people have lost their jobs, because someone gossiped about them. Consider how many times relationships have been broken because something cruel has been said, even if it was misspoken.

Lesson 3. Words Can Join In Power.

Consider, how many lives have been joined together because two people chose to use words that would bring life to each other and then commit in front of a host of people to be lifelong Partners.

Lesson 4. False Perception Can Create Your Reality.

Consider a misunderstanding. In our society, if you see someone walking in public with what appears to be a bottle in a paper bag, the perception that someone could be an alcoholic will become a reality that you interact with them. Even if, the bottle inside is be medicine for a sick child.

Here’s the point.

The words you use how about yourself can create your reality and how you live with others.

Do you use the words to describe yourself that will only make the devil happy? Do you cut yourself down? Do you say things like you are stupid or you’ll never be able to do this? Do you look in the mirror and say you are ugly? Do you watch social media and say you will never be as good as those you see?

The words you may be using, may be killing you.

But here’s the good news. When you use the words that God uses over you, you create life. When you see yourself the way Jesus sees you, and follow it up with words, the perception you have of yourself in the negative, will be destroyed and you will take vengeance on the devil and his lies.

A Good place to start.

As a starting point for you today, I would like to suggest a life-changing tool.
Clifton Strength Finders 2.0.
This test is unlike any other test. In all of my years experience, and my scientific research of these sorts of tools, this test can accurately describe for you, the way God has created you to think. When you use the words that this test gives you, it can bring life and create opportunities for you to live as God designed you.

Let me know.
If you choose to take the test, or if you have before, I would love to know your results. Share them in the comments or even email me at brad@theschoolofidentity.com. I want to affirm those life-giving words to you.

So my question is, what words do you use to describe yourself? Are you speaking life or death into who you have been created to be?