Last night I had a chance to meet a man who is encouraged me. Not only encouraged me lately but ever since 1990.
He was a man that walked with me through growing into a teenager, then becoming baptized. He continued to walk with me while I was a young pastor. Now he has enabled me to have tools for being a parent. I owe him a debt of gratitude.
When I met him I was very excited.
But I know, that if my identity was not in Christ, I would glorify this man instead of the one he serves.
Lately I’ve had a chance to meet many individuals like this. I feel incredibly blessed. I have made it my practice to do something different. This is what I’ve done.

Before I make any introductions of myself, I simply ask if I can pray for them. I have never been rejected.
I pray for them because this is something I can give back to them. I may not ever be able to write music or books or do anything earthly that can encourage them, but I can give them favour in the eyes of the Lord.
He and the other folks that I have met, have always been encouraged by the prayer. This is my mission. I want to encourage those who have encouraged me. This is also my design. God has created me to be an encourager and to use words to do so.
When I live in my design, I not only get experiences that give me joy, but experiences that I never saw coming.
Thanks Toby. You have been used by God more times then you can imagine. 

In Christ,