Identity theft.

Ever heard of it?  We talk about it all the time.

I remember back in the day, my car was broken into.  The perpetrator stole a few things.  Apparently, my wallet had dropped out of my pocket and was visible. This person not only took my wallet, but my disc-man too!  I know right, my disc-man.

For all of you who still have energy in the mornings, (that just means you are not old like me ;), a disc-man is an old piece of technology that we used to play music.

Anyway, as I was saying, the perpetrator stole my wallet.  Then, this lovely person took my I.D. and went and opened a bank account.  How do I know this? I started getting information from the bank mailed to me. You know, about my new account.

I had to go to the police and sort things out with them.  Eventually, between a bunch of trips, I had taken my life back.

But in today’s world, it’s so much easier for identity theft to happen.  It’s not just a physical brake in and theft anymore either, it’s virtual.  Thieves can steal so much online, and it’s one of the fastest growing criminal activities out there.

Further, it feels like as our lives become less physical, and more cloud based, (that’s an internet reference for the old disc-man loving people),  identity theft can truly mess up our understanding of how to live safely as we are.

Stealing Identity.

I recently heard of someone who claimed that someone had stolen his identity. I enquired. I believed that the statement reviewed some sort of banking fraud.  But I was wrong.  This man believed that someone had stolen his identity because he was no longer able to do certain things that had become his “identity”.

But here is the problem, we are not what we do.  Our identity is not based on our actions, but rather in Christ.

Remember, you are not your resume.

How To Protect From Identity Theft

Here are 3 things you can do today to avoid the problem that this person felt.

First, recognize that your identity is in Christ.

This might sound simple, or perhaps theoretical, but the fact of the matter is, if you are a christian, your identity is in Christ whether you like it or not.  You might not be willing to admit it, and you might be trying to take it back everyday, but Christ died for you, and now you are His.  This is not a threat, but an amazing gift.  We don’t define ourselves anymore, He does.  So today, give yourself to Him again.  Pray, “Jesus, my identity is in You.  Remind me of it and help me with it today.  I need it.”

Second, do it again tomorrow.

OK, I’m not trying to be cheesy.  But honestly, if you don’t put your identity in Christ everyday, this is a loosing battle.  The world wants to define you by what you do.  You know, when people ask you to tell them about yourself.  We are programed in our society to start revealing what we do.  This is wrong.  And frankly not Biblical.  Everyday, we must remember that our identity is not in our roles, but in Christ, who does not change.

Third, speak differently.

This can also be a challenge.  But start changing how you speak to yourself.  Changing your own internal dialogue is powerful.  Instead of saying that your identity is based in what you do, simply start telling yourself that this is not true. Start telling yourself that your identity is in Christ, and you practice your identity in the jobs He has given you to do.

The Truth.

Here’s the deal, no one can steal your true identity.  Anyone who says otherwise has missed the Bible.  I know this is a big statement, but I’m sticking with it.  If you are a believer in Christ, then your identity is in Him and if you think that anyone in this world is tough enough to steal from Him, you have some mental healing that needs to take place.  Christ is not a victim.  He is your protector.  Your identity is safe.  Now live in Him, so you can live in your identity.

Christ is not a victim.  He is your protector.  Your identity is safe.  Now live in Him, so you can live in your identity.