If I Wasn’t Me.

Have you ever thought something like, “I could accomplish more if I wasn’t me”?  I just did.  I mean, like 30 seconds before I typed this sentence I thought this.  What!  What am I thinking?  I’m supposed to be the victory in your identity guy. Well here is the reality.  God made us in His [...]

The 5 Minute Identity Workout

I used to feel weak in who I was.  Have you ever felt like that?  You know what I mean, like when someone asks you to describe yourself and you get all flustered. Let's say for example, you meet some new people.  They ask you to tell them about yourself.  The first bit goes OK, [...]

Are You Stressed?

Hey.  Are you stressed out?  Does life seem overwhelming right now?  Do you feel like you want to learn more about who you are, but life is fighting you? I'm so sorry that this is happening. But I'm glad we have each other.  I know that going through this alone only makes it worse. So [...]

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