So I like skiing.  Ok, perhaps I sort of, kind of love it.  I’m not particularly great, but I have fun.  I like speed too, so skiing fast makes me happy.

I try to spend a bunch of time skiing.  It’s a great time with my family, and it’s healthier then a Netflix binge.  But this last time that I went out, I had a new experience.  One that had very little to do with skiing, but more to do with identity.  So today, I want to share with you the odd little experience.

I walked past a mirror.  Yup, doesn’t sound strange.  But something caught me. I found myself glancing at the reflection of me walking by and having an odd thought.

I felt like I needed to adjust my ski wear to make it look like I was relaxed at what I was doing.

I wanted to spend effort to make it look like I had spent no effort at all.  I wanted to look authentic.

How many times have you done something similar?  You know what I mean.  We try to look legit to others, but it takes a lot of work.

Much like my skiing example, I was willing to spend my time and effort, adjusting my clothes, and helmet, to look like I had not adjusted my clothes and helmet.  I wanted people to think I was a “real” skier.  What a funny thing to do.

As I reflected on it, it took me back to a time in my life I was an active weekend musician.  I would wear torn jeans to look cool.  I can remember the effort I would take to get new jeans and make them look old.

I’m not saying this is sin, but it does remind me of the frailty of our identities when we need others to affirm us.

We can end up looking like a chameleon, trying to change who we are to adapt to those around us.  There is something good about serving those around you, but to try to be someone else for others, is problematic at best.

You need to be you, because that’s the greatest gift you can give to others.

So here is what I think you should do.

  1.  Start every morning looking in the mirror and asking Jesus what He sees.  No Joke.  I’m not saying that you have to ask Him if He likes what He sees.  He does.  Ask Him what it is about you that He likes.  Then take a moment to listen.
  2. Thank Him for His opinion.  It’s nice to hear a compliment, but when we don’t thank the one that gave it, we can negate it.  It’s like we brush it off.  So thank Him for what He sees in you.
  3. Enjoy that thing.  Whatever it is that He shares with you, strive for more of it.  It will change  your life. If He likes your heart, embrace your heart.  If He likes your work ethic, use it for Him.  Whatever He likes about you, try to get more of it.

The Conclusion

Be You.  Stop using so much effort to make it look like you are not using any effort.  That’s funny right?  But we do it.  Just be satisfied with who you are, and believe me, you will have more people think you are great then if you have to try.