I used to feel weak in who I was.  Have you ever felt like that?  You know what I mean, like when someone asks you to describe yourself and you get all flustered.

Let’s say for example, you meet some new people.  They ask you to tell them about yourself.  The first bit goes OK, but after you describe a few things about what you enjoy doing, you realize you are trying to communicate to them things that they might also find interesting as if you need to please them.

This can feel like you are just trying to please them instead of being yourself.  There is no sin it that, but it can feel a little sad to you.  I know it has felt this way for me.

Did you know that how you describe yourself to others can give you immense strength.  Unfortunately, how we often do it can actually take strength out of us. We use our energy wrong.

But what I want to share with you today is an amazing little thing.  It can help you be you and enjoy yourself more.  It only takes 5 minutes a day, and your results will be life changing.

If you want to know what those 5 minutes look like, keep reading.  It’s gonna be awesome.

Now I can’t promise you miracles if you don’t follow this simple plan.  If you do, I know you will feel stronger about yourself in no time. 🙂

Are you convinced yet? Are you going to keep reading?  I hope so.

So here we go.

The 5 Minute Identity Workout.

WARNING.  Trying to know who you are without being in love with Jesus could seriously damage, confuse and disappoint you.  Please ensure that you have given your life over to Jesus and you are following Him. Doctors Orders. (LOL, Dr. Bradley D. Friesen)

Doing the 5 Minute Identity Workout is a heavy spiritual cardio routine. God loves you and He wants to strengthen your heart.  Spiritual Heart health is critical.  So you will find your 5 Minute Identity Workout spends the majority of it’s time on Spiritual Heart Health.

What you will need.

First, find yourself a quite place.  This workout can be intense, so remove distractions from you.

Second, prepare your weights.  The Bible is heavy, so get it ready.

Third, find hydration.  I prepare a nice latte. 😉

The Workout.

1. Look Ups.

1 minute

Target Area – Heart

Looks ups have been designed to help you pull your identity out of Jesus, not the world.  You need to stop thinking about what the world wants you to be and start thinking about what Jesus made you to be.  If you are effective in Lookups, I guarantee you that you will see identity results.

Set ONE – Ask Jesus what He sees in you.

Set TWO – Ask Jesus who He sees you as.

Set THREE – Ask Jesus how you should live.

REST – approximately 10 seconds. You may find this is a good time to sip that latte. 😉

2. Downward Doug’s

1 minute

Target Area – Mind

Downward Doug’s focus in on your mind by having you think about who you are in Christ. Directly following an intense minute of lookups, you will find that you need to process what Jesus has told you.  Use your Downward Doug time to think through what Jesus has said.

Set ONE – Repeat back to Jesus what He has said to you. Write it down if needed.

Set TWO – Identify the lies the world has told you and submit them to Jesus.

REST – Remember, in Christ, you are no longer a sinner, just a saint with bad habits. Stop listening to the World.

3. Kneeling Squats.  AKA Pray

1 Minute

Target Area – Your Spirit

After your Look Ups and Downward Doug’s, you may feel that you need a rest.  There is not time for that yet. Now it’s time to really commit.  Kneeling Squats focus on your ability to submit to who Jesus sees you as.

Set ONE – Get on your knees.  Not figuratively, but actually get down there.

Set TWO – Admit to God that you need help to live this way but you are willing to do it.

Set THREE – Repeat Set TWO, but out loud with your actual voice.

REST – Rest in the fact that Jesus will always give you everything you need to be who He created you to be.

4. Butt Lift

1 minute

Target Area – Your Legs and Attitude

Butt Lift has been designed to take what you have heard from God, and get living in it. So get your Butt of your chair, finish that latte, and live like you were created to. Ask God for help to live as He sees you.

Set ONE – Stand Up

Set TWO – Commit to God to live like He made you to Live.


Rest.  But only for a second, this is gonna be awesome. 🙂

5. Life Lunge

1 Minute

Target Area – Your Identity

Live your life being who you are.  For one minute, go over the day and plan how you will live in your identity through today’s challenges.

Set ONE – Look at your calendar or tasks for the day.

Set TWO – Figure out how God would live today.

Set THREE – Remember He is in you empowering you so live with God’s love and power in your day.

No rest now.  That’s for bed time.  Now it’s time to live in victory.


Next week, Identity Nutrition.  How to consume the right spiritual calories. 🙂