It’s Canadian Thanksgiving.

Yay.  Turkey and all trimmings.  I ate good.  I’m full.  But that’s how we seem to handle this holiday in Canada for the most part.  It is very traditional for the typical Canadian family to spend time together, eating big meals.

I would have to say that ever since I grew up, a tradition we have in Canada is that at some point during the thanksgiving weekend, at some venue, you and your loved ones try to say things that you are thankful for.

I don’t know if you do it?  We do.

This year, leading up to thanksgiving, I had an interesting conversation that came up. I thought I would share some of the highlights with you.

The conversation.

I was talking to someone about identity.  We were talking about how it’s important to be at peace with who you are.  It dawned on me, that a good way to talk about it would be in the context of thanksgiving

I started to ask… Are you thankful for being you?  That’s not an average every day question.  I’m not sure too many people have ever really asked it.  But I did.

It caught the person off guard.  That’s fair.

They didn’t know how to answer.  They knew in their mind what to say, but it was strange to say it out loud.

What About Today?

This brings me to now.  Are you thankful for you?

Are you thankful that God made you just the way you are?  I know that’s tough.  But think about it for a moment. I dare you ;).

We don’t need to be thankful for how we have made bad choices about how we express our identities.  For example, I’m thankful for me, but not thankful for the sore stomach I had yesterday from too many pies.  Let alone the extra belt loop 🙂  But the choice I made is not me.  It reflects me.  But it’s not me.

The Challenge

I want to challenge you this Canadian Thanksgiving.  I want you to take a moment and actually consider if you are thankful that God made you exactly how you are.  If you’re not, you are not alone.  Take it to God. Be honest with Him.  If you aren’t and you try to be political with Him, He can see right through it.  He is a King yes, but He is also you safe, perfect and trustworthy Daddy.

I want you to know that I’m thankful that God made me the way He did.  I love me.  I also love how He created you.  Every person I meet, I can see bits of the Father in them.  We are all made in His image, so we look like Him.  Isn’t that awesome.

I’m thankful for you.

Dr. Brad