Have you ever had a great day? Have you ever felt like you may finally know what God wants you to be in your life?

How about this… have you ever felt like you know what you should be doing in life, at least for the next little while? I have. I also have heard from enough of you that you have felt this too. Sometimes. Maybe not always, but there are some good times.

I’ve had victory in my identity. But like I shared last week, it can be challenged. Victory can lead to battles. But there is more.

Over the past few years, I’ve been watching my successful days. I have come up with a pattern that seems to inform why I have victory, and why some battles overtake me. I want to share with you what I found. I think it can help. I think it’s good practical advice.

Practical Advice On Victory.

The Target
We want victory in our identity. Christ gives us that. But we are the ones to help manage it. He wants to help us stay walking in victory.

Just as any target, we need to stay focused. If you take your eyes of the prize, you might aim to the side.

I love one of the lessons I learned when I was taught how to drive a car.

I still remember when my driver instructor told me that you will drive where you look. I remember it because I lived it out as an example.

I remember driving with some buddies. I was feeling pretty cool cause I had a car and I could go wherever I wanted to go. We were driving around talking about life and girls. Go figure 🙂

We were driving along when when one of my buddies said, “Hey, look at her… Wow!” Well I did. What happened proves my point. I remember looking to the side quickly, and my hands on the steering wheel followed quickly. I hit the curb a bit, but pulled out.

The funny thing was that I wasn’t even concerned with the girl as much as the call out by someone close. The perfectly normal event took my eyes off where I was going. We must keep our eyes on the road we want to stay on.

The Pattern of Problem

Perfectly normal and typical things in our lives can take our eyes off of the prize. They don’t have to be bad things. Good things keep us from God things.

Good things keep us from God things.

Even good opportunities to serve can divert our eyes from what God is truly wanting us to be involved in. Remember, doing the right things gives God glory. But when we do things that God wants others to do, we steal glory from God. We actually stop others from being who God created them to be. Don’t be a glory stealer by doing good things. Only do God things.

Your Next Steps

We need to keep our eyes on the target. The target is victory in identity. We must work hard to not let life call out to us in a way that makes us look left and have our lives veer off and hit the curb.

What you can do is vital. it’s easy by concept, but hard. It’s going to have to be a pattern for you, not just a random event.

You need to stay focused on your identity. Here is a practical way to do it.

In the morning, spend a moment reflecting on who God is. Out of that, ask Him to help you focus on who you are. He will speak into your identity. But God is known for waiting until we focus, until we slow down and listen.

So bring Him glory in His identity, and then rest as He fills you regrading yours. If you do this regularly, it will help you avoid the curbs of dissatisfaction in identity.

Stay on the road. God is sitting with you in the car of life. He will always keep you focused. He’s great that way.