I bet you have asked a question similar to this.  We all do.  People ask us to tell them about ourselves and it demands that we have some answers.  We don’t always like our answers, but we try to find them.

What would it look like if we had answers that God gave us, instead of trying to somehow define ourselves to tell others about ourselves?

What would it look like if we believed that we could describe ourselves in the way we actually want to be, as opposed to giving words and definitions for others so that they would like us?

Could that even be?  Could we actually find ways to understand who we are that make us feel good about them? Could we understand our identity and celebrate it, instead of just putting up with it?

In my story, I asked these types of questions over many years.  I knew I was a child of God, but that only seemed to really impact some parts of my day.  It was as if this great information separated me from being able to express myself in some true manner. Being God’s child changes everything, but all the things people told me about that only seemed to be somewhat too “spiritual” for some of my practical applications for my day.

In learning more about identity in Christ, a conviction grew within me as I spent time with God and with books.  It became clearer to me as I journeyed in my identity that being a child of God has great practical implications.  That is why I developed the school of identity with the little catch phrase.  

The School of Identity exists to help people know their identity in Christ… in practical terms.

As you journey with us at the School of Identity, we really hope that we can help give you some insights into how God has practically created you.  

A great tool we have developed is a class on how to take personality tests.  It is our research and understanding of a Biblical way of doing it.  

I’ve been in ministry almost 27 years, and while I have taken many personality tests, I had never seen any theological work on it until I started to research it myself.  I hope in this class, it can give you insight into how God created you and how some of these tests can be very helpful for you to understand some practical realities about your design.

I hope you get a chance to go through it and learn more about yourself in practical terms.  In the class, I will actually be praying for you too.  I trust it will help.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there are ways to understand who God made you to be, but in practical terms that you can use to help answer the question… Who am I anyways?

If you are interested in the class, check it out here. 

Thanks as always.