The school of Identity was birthed out of a need.  A need for people to see themselves the way Jesus sees them.

Our founder, Dr. Bradley D. Friesen, started a 7 year journey with a prayer.  He prayed, “Jesus, will you help me see others the way You see them.”  God Answered.

It was very clear to Brad that the Lord replied quickly.  To the question, God answered “Yes…. But.”

It was increasingly clear that the Lord said, “But first you need to see yourself the way I see you.”  Brad knew that he could only see others the way God sees them, if he first saw and loved himself.

After a 7 year journey, Dr. Bradley D. Friesen did his Doctoral Research on the topic “Intrinsic Motivation in Identity Development”.  His research achieved an award of distinction on the topic.  He found that when we discover how God created us, we know His will for our lives, and we can authentically love ourselves and others.

The school of Identity is all about this.  It is to help you discover more of who God created you to be, and how you can not only love yourself, but love others the way God sees them.

The school of Identity offers the following paths for identity development. 

  1. A Social community comprised of students of identity.  This community is based primarily through social media and online mentoring.  This includes a weekly article, follow up conversations for the students, and a live Facebook stream by our founder answering the top questions of identity for the week.
  2. Online mentorship. Dr. Friesen is passionate about walking with students of identity as they grow in their understanding of themselves and others.  The school of Identity will be offering short term classes that will have regular interaction with Dr. Friesen and other students as they journey strategically towards how to integrate their knowledge of who they are, with how to live it out in the world.
  3. One on One discipleship with Dr. Friesen.  Due the the heart of the school and it’s founder, Dr. Friesen desires to walk closely with a few individuals through their own journeys.  Due to the intensity of this track, only a few students will be chosen annually.
  4. Church Resources.  With over 21 years of church ministry, Dr. Friesen has agreed to offer many church resources regarding the issue of Identity Development. This includes ebooks, bible study outlines and more, each available to be contextualized for the church and it’s intended ministry.