If I Wasn’t Me.

Have you ever thought something like, “I could accomplish more if I wasn’t me”?  I just did.  I mean, like 30 seconds before I typed this sentence I thought this.  What!  What am I thinking?  I’m supposed to be the victory in your identity guy. Well here is the reality.  God made us in His [...]

No One To Tell Me Who I Am!

I recently returned from a trip. This trip really did make a deep impact on me. It was not because I had so much fun, or got a good tan, but I learned a lot about me. My learning was not about what kind of person I was. No, it was more about what kind [...]

Can They Steal Who You Are?

Identity theft. Ever heard of it?  We talk about it all the time. I remember back in the day, my car was broken into.  The perpetrator stole a few things.  Apparently, my wallet had dropped out of my pocket and was visible. This person not only took my wallet, but my disc-man too!  I know [...]

You Are THE Star To Bethlehem

What am I talking about?  Not only with the "star" comment, but "to Bethlehem"? Let's take a step back and look at something.  I want to show you something that I came across when I was reading my Bible the other day.  It's a new thing that I had not put together.  I want to [...]

Are You Worth Loving?

What a massive question. It’s not an easy one either. Not because I don’t believe you should love yourself, but because we may not know what “love” really means in this question. That is the sticky point. That is the point where so much can go wrong. So let’s get this out of the way. [...]

Why Should God Love You?

How dare I ask that question. It seems completely inappropriate to ask such a question of God. God doesn’t have to do anything that He doesn’t want to. Or does He? Wow. I tend to ask questions that could seem inappropriate to ask for a Christian. I was always taught not to ask such questions. [...]

Who Will You Follow?

Hey!  Social Media...  Does it tell the truth?  Sometimes perhaps. You know what I mean.  You have done it, haven't you? It's not that you want to flat out lie, but sometimes the things you put out there, into the world, only reflect a little bit of your journey.  Not because one snap can't contain [...]

You’re Not My Paparazzi!

"HEY, PUT DOWN THAT CAMERA!!!” The last thing you want is for some camera happy person to try to capture you in a bad moment, only to try to make you look like a loser. OK, I’m not a celebrity. Not by any means. I’m just a pastor and a professor. I am a public [...]

Rock n Roll Baby

I love Music.  I do.  It’s been a partner in life.  It’s got me through a lot. In fact, I’m a musician, so it probably has even more influence in my life then it could.  I’ve been in bands, I’ve lead worship.  Music is perhaps one of the main ways I express my emotion. Music [...]

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